Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011

There wasn't much going on in September for us. We spent most of our weekend at the beach. Soaking in the last bit of Summer sun before it got too cold to go anymore. We have now lived in CA for a year now. We have all agreed that living close to the beach has been the funnest thing so far. We haven't been to Disneyland yet or I'm sure that would also be a fun thing to add to our list.

This is one of our good friend's daughters and Addi
These two are pretty funny...they can be best buddies one minute and fighting the next.
We had some bike rides to the beach. If you went straight out our back door we would only be a little over a mile from the water. It has been really fun to ride our bikes down to the beach.
Milo has become more attached to his blanket and stuffed elephant. His elephant even accompanied us to the beach. I tried to get him to leave it in the car or to put it on the chair. He insisted on carrying it around and would go and get it if I took it to the chair. I couldn't resist sharing these pictures, he is pretty cute snuggling that elephant. I think it is so cute when kids are attached to a stuffed animal.

Monday, September 26, 2011

August 2011

August was filled with lots of time at the beach, some visitors and a Birthday and Anniversary.
Our First happenings of August was a visit from my Mom and a surprise visit from Mindy and Gracee. My mom did a really good job at me not finding out they were coming with her. I was very surprised and excited when I saw them at my door. Addi still talks about when they came. "Mom do you remember when Gracee and Aunt Mindy came. That was so fun, huh." While they were here we went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Honda Center. Rode bikes to the beach. rode the ferry from balboa island and just enjoyed each others company. It was great. We hope they will come again soon for another adventure.

Mom, mindy and Gracee at the Circus enjoying some popcorn.

Enjoying the popcorn at the circus. Our friends the Dushane's where also with us at the circus. Someone from work gave Brennon 4 tickets to the circus.

Milo riding the carousel on Balboa peninsula.

Watching the skim boarders on Balboa Pier.

Riding the Ferry From Balboa Island.

The Girls ready for there cruise to the Beach.

Our bike gang leaving after a wonderful time at the beach.

Addi and Gracee. These girls had so much fun together. They giggle late into the night every night and got along great.

Grandma and the girls.

Addi turned 4 in August and was so excited to be doing so. She is quite the gal. A little sassy at time but can be so sweet. She has a sweet tooth like her mom and love treats of all kinds. Brennon will usually bring her a treat home from work pretty often, and she loves it. She is always talking and asking questions and is a pretty smart little whip. She is starting preschool in October and i'm sure that she is going to love it. She and Milo have been interacting a lot more lately and it is so fun to see. I think that she is liking that her little brother can play with her a little more. The other day It was quiet (that is usually not a good sign with Milo around) in our house so I went to there room to see what was happening. They were sitting on the bed together reading books. Addi was reading to Milo and he was sitting listening which was surprising to me. It was one of those moment where I thought I love being their mom. Back to Addi, we are sure glad she is part of our family. She sure keeps us on our toes.

The Birthday gal with her hello kitty birthday cake she requested.

Blowing out the candles. Milo really wanting to help out.
Addi Requested a Hello Kitty cake this year. lucky for me it was a pretty easy one to make. It has been a fun tradition so far to make fun cakes for my kids birthdays. I have really enjoyed it.
The delicious view from inside. I got this great recipe from a friend, it was so good.

The partiers. Tiffany, Isabella, Ray and Ian Nuno. Addi, Milo, Mom, Dad.

Opening presents.

getting to have sunday dinner on the Special plate for her birthday. She has been asking to use this plate from that day on.

Her Presents from the Grandma's. She has been packing them around since she got them.

On Addi's birthday I planned a special date just for her and I. Milo got to stay with our neighbor and away Addi and I went. We first went to a nature reserve by our house. They had a butterfly house and a picture scavenger hunt of things inside and outside the building to find and then circle the picture. Addi thought that this was so fun. We then went and got a cupcake. We had a lot of fun together. This picture was taken before we left for our adventure.

We went for a fun night away for our anniversary this year. Bren had some surprises planned. First we went boogie boarding. And then Bren had purchased a groupon for a segway tour in Huntington Beach. We had a lovely getaway. Here are some pictures from our segway tour.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Milo's Birthday

Milo Turned 1 on Saturday. I can't believe that he is already one. We celebrated with a guitar cake, (He loves his dad's guitar that is where the idea came from) new pool and a basketball hoop ( not in the pictures). He wasn't sure what we where doing when we all started singing. We love this little turkey-lurkey ( a common nickname for him).

Thing we will remember of Milo at this age-
-Loves to sit and lean against anything (i.e. the fridge, the front of the couch while laying his head on the cushion, a box, or anyone who is sitting on the floor.)
-Gets so excited when he sees his sister Addi
-LOVES to eat ( anything he can find for that matter; snails in the church flower beds, cigarette butts, and his ultimate favorite, sidewalk chalk.)
-throws a fit and flees the scene when you catch him doing or eating something that he shouldn't.
-his frequent and frightening dives off the bed.
-playing in the toilet water if the seat is not down.
-his big gappy grin.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's time we get reacquainted

Well, when your baby, that you just had and last posted about, is now turning 4 months old its time to get reacquainted
with the blog. We have now been living in Idaho with my mom for almost 4 months and have been having a great time.
We are sure going to be sad when it is time for us to move. We found out that we are going to be moving to the Orange County area of California. We are excited, nervous, and all the other feelings that come with moving to a new, unknown place. Brennon will start his job on August 30th. We hope to find a place to rent before then but we'll see how it goes. I've thrown in a few pictures from Milo's blessing. Other then those we haven't really taken very many pictures. Poor Milo. I'm sure we will have some from Addi's birthday that is coming up in about a week.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Arrival

Sorry that we are just now getting some photos posted. We have been busy snuggling, feeding, and the many other things that come with having a newborn. Addi wasn't quite sure that she wanted her new brother to come home, but is doing great with him. She will go and check to see if he is ok multiple times during the day. So my plan of having a VBAC ended up not happening I stayed a 1 for a few weeks and my doctor said that my cervix wasn't very favorable. He gave me until Friday the 16 to see if something would happen on its own. I continued to feel nothing so away we went for another c-section.

BORN APRIL 16, 2010
8LB 6 OZ
211/2 INCHES

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happening from the Baker Residence!

Christmas To The Present!

Addi with her new oven mit and apron.

This kitchen turned into quite the project. We used a cupboard that I had when I was Addi's age and fixed it up a little. Bren the handyman built the oven and the fridge and tiled the top. It turned out awesome. I sure love having a handyman around especially one that really likes to make things. We were both really excited for her to come down Christmas morning and see it.
This was the cupboard before. It didn't look this bad when we got it. We were in the middle of taking things apart so we could refinish it when I thought to take a picture.