Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011

There wasn't much going on in September for us. We spent most of our weekend at the beach. Soaking in the last bit of Summer sun before it got too cold to go anymore. We have now lived in CA for a year now. We have all agreed that living close to the beach has been the funnest thing so far. We haven't been to Disneyland yet or I'm sure that would also be a fun thing to add to our list.

This is one of our good friend's daughters and Addi
These two are pretty funny...they can be best buddies one minute and fighting the next.
We had some bike rides to the beach. If you went straight out our back door we would only be a little over a mile from the water. It has been really fun to ride our bikes down to the beach.
Milo has become more attached to his blanket and stuffed elephant. His elephant even accompanied us to the beach. I tried to get him to leave it in the car or to put it on the chair. He insisted on carrying it around and would go and get it if I took it to the chair. I couldn't resist sharing these pictures, he is pretty cute snuggling that elephant. I think it is so cute when kids are attached to a stuffed animal.

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